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“Everybody Loves Diamonds” Heist Drama: Prime Video’s Upcoming Release Date, Cast, and Plot Breakdown!

Prime Video’s highly anticipated drama heist series Everybody Loves Diamonds,” based on the Antwerp Diamond Heist 2003 (the largest-ever diamond heist in history), is around the corner. Directed by the renowned director Gianluca Maria Tavarellin and produced by Mario Gianani alongside Lorenzo Gangarossa, the eight-episode-long show is scheduled to be released worldwide on October 13, 2023.

Story and Plot of Everybody Loves Diamonds

As we mentioned above, the show is based on one of the largest diamond heists in history (the Antwerp diamond heist, 2003), which follows the story of a group of small-time Italian thieves led by Leonardo Notarbartolo, who cleverly managed to deceive one of the highly secure security systems and rob millions of worth of precious stones. As per the makers, the show will slowly delve into the meticulous planning and perfect execution of the robbery.

What is the release date of Everybody Loves Diamonds? 

“Everybody Loves Diamonds” is set to make its worldwide debut exclusively on Prime Video on October 13, 2023.

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Trailer and Teaser 

Unfortunately, the studio has not yet released an official teaser or trailer. As per several media reports, the makers are planning to drop the trailer in the coming months. We will update and break it down for you as soon as the official teaser or trailer releases.

Cast and Characters of Everybody Loves Diamonds

“Everybody Loves Diamonds” stars Kim Rossi Stuart as Leonardo Notarbartolo, Anna Foglietta as Anna, Gianmarco Tognazzi as Ghigo, Carlotta Antonelli as Sandra, Leonardo Lidi as Alberto, Johan Heldenbergh as Inspector Mertens, and Kim Mousa as Fagarè in the lead roles.

Alongside them, there are several other renowned actors, including Issam Dakka, Rupert Everett, Remo Girone, Malcolm McDowell, Giampiero Rotoli, and Mathias Kahler-Polagnoli, in important roles.

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How Many Episodes are there in Everybody Loves Diamonds?

Prime Video’s upcoming show “Everybody Loves Diamonds” has eight episodes, each with a length of 45–50 minutes.

Will there be an Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2? 

As of now, the makers have officially not announced any news regarding Everybody Loves Diamonds Season 2.

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