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Delve into the World of Tyson Fury’s “At Home with the Furys”: Release Date, Storyline, Preview, and Additional Updates!

Netflix, the streaming giant, is coming up with a sports, reality, and comedy show called “At Home with the Furys,” based on the post-retirement life of the legendary boxer Tyson Fury.

Helmed by producer Laura Leigh, the series is directed by three renowned directors: Tina Flintoff, Nick Hornby, and Josh Jacobs. The highly anticipated series is scheduled to be released worldwide on August 16, 2023.

Story and Plot of At Home with the Furys

“At Home With The Furys” is an upcoming reality sports and documentary series that follows the story of renowned heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, aka Gypsy King, who is trying to embrace post-retirement life with his six children, wife, and father. 

The series is also said to delve into Furys’s struggle to adjust to day-to-day family life and different aspects of day-to-day life.

Talking about his upcoming series, Furys wrote on Instagram, “A series that will pack a serious punch in your Netflix queue—a jaw-dropping insight into the Fury kingdom—so buckle up for a knockout show.” 

According to Netflix, “The series will give audiences a fly-on-the-wall view of Fury’s inner life at his mansion in Morecambe, England, and his decision to focus on his family, particularly as the boxer has ebbed in and out of retirement for the last several years. Fury fans will get an inside look at what a legendary boxer’s life looks like when the gloves are off, changing diapers, driving the kids to school, and finding meaning outside of the ring.”

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What is the release date of At Home with the Furys? 

At Home With the Furys is all set to make its worldwide debut on August 16, 2023, exclusively on Netflix. 

Trailer and Teaser 

Netflix released an official trailer for “At Home With the Furys” on July 19, which gave us a brief glimpse of Tyson Fury’s life after retirement. The trailer went viral in no time and has accumulated several thousand views. Furys’ fans across the globe are very excited and eagerly awaiting to watch his idol’s personal and family life.

How Many Episodes are there in At Home with the Furys?

As per IMDb reports, At Home with the Furys has nine episodes with a length of 50-55 minutes. 

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Will there be At Home with the Furys Season 2? 

The studio and makers have not yet publicly released any news about At Home with the Furys Season 2. If we ever find out any authentic news related to season 2, we will immediately update you guys. 

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