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What Bra Size is Lisa (Rapper)?

Lisa Bra size
Lisa Bra size

What bra size is Lisa (Rapper)?

Lalisa Manobal, professionally known as Lisa, is a fanatic rapper, singer, and dancer. She is best known for her singing career and being a member of the popular South Korean girl group Blackpink. She has also been highlighted for her slim and eye-catching figure that she posts on her social media handles.

Her fans have always been interested in searching for information about her bra size and body measurements. Her bra size is 32B. Let’s find out Lisa’s body measurements and bra size while also answering some frequently asked questions.

Lisa (Rapper) Body Measurement/Figure

Breast Size/Bust Size33 inches
Bra Size32B
Cup SizeB
Hip Size34 inches
Shoe Size5 (UK)
Clothes size or dress size4 (US)
Height5 feet, 5 inches
Weight46 kg
Zodiac SignAries
Lisa  body measurements

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors determine a person’s bra size?

There are several factors that influence a person’s bra size, and it’s important to keep in mind that bra sizing may vary between brands and countries. The two main parameters utilized in the most common method for determining bra size are band size and cup size.

2. Does bra size impact a person’s appearance or self-confidence?

It’s important to keep in mind that, although a person’s bra size may have an effect on their look and self-confidence, these impacts might differ greatly from person to person. In the end, what counts most is that people are happy with their decisions and feel confident in their bodies. Inspiring body positivity and self-acceptance is essential, regardless of bra size or other physical characteristics.

3. Can Lisa (Rapper)’s bra size change over time?

Yes, Ariana Grande’s bra size may alter over time owing to a multitude of variables, just like it does for everyone else. Age, pregnancy, nursing, changes in weight and hormone levels, as well as surgery, may all have an impact on bra size.

4. Is it necessary to wear a bra that matches your exact bra size?

It’s important to prioritize comfort, support, and how the bra makes you feel even if it’s not always necessary to match your bra size precisely. By regularly reassessing your bra size and experimenting with several styles, you may find bras that fit properly and meet your demands. If you’re unsure of your bra size or want to be sure you’re wearing the right size for your body, think about getting a professional fitting at a lingerie shop.

5. Can I determine my bra size without measurements?

The most accurate way to determine your bra size is to take your own measurements, but you may also guess your size by examining your current bras, how they fit, and some common signs that a bra is unpleasant.


Lisa usually wears a Bra size 32B. B bra size is small size, but due to her slim body, it makes it look smaller. Someone with a 32B bra size is most likely to wear a padded bra, which can give some volume and make it look like a slightly larger bust.



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