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Zac Perna- Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth, Hair Color, Eye Color

Zac Perna- Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth, Hair Color, Eye Color: Zac Perna is an Australian fitness model, trainer, YouTuber, and social media personality who is mainly recognized for sharing his modeling, workout photos, and videos on Instagram. He is also recognized for sharing his lifestyle videos and fitness tutorials on his self-titled YouTube channel.

Height5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
Weight79 kg (174 lbs)

Body Measurement/Figure

Shoe Size9 (US)
Height5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
Weight79 kg (174 lbs)
Zodiac SignCancer

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Zac Perna Hair Color/ Eye Color

Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Zac Perna Wiki/Biography

Born on July 5, 1995, Zac grew up in Australia alongside his siblings. He attended a local high school, where he discovered his passion for bodybuilding and started intense training. Upon graduating from high school, Zac chose to pursue a career in fitness and modeling.

Zac Perna family parents siblings age height net worth weight girlfriend eye color
Zac Perna is posing for a photographer

Zac Perna Modeling, Instagram, YouTube, and Vlogging

Following his passion, Zac started body sculpting during his time in high school and went on to participate in several body-building competitions. Subsequently, he began sharing his workout, fitness, and lifestyle photos and videos on Instagram.

In a short time, he gained popularity on the platform as his photos and videos garnered thousands of followers. With growing popularity on the platform, Zac has become an official face and promoter of numerous fitness, nutrition, and sports brands.

Furthermore, he is known for writing a few fitness books and training a large number of people online through his different courses. Besides this, Zac is a YouTuber and has accumulated thousands of subscribers on an eponymous YouTube channel.

On the channel, he mainly shares his workouts, fitness, lifestyle, training, daily life videos, and travel vlogs. The most watched video on his channel is “10 Happy Meal Challenge | EPIC CHEAT MEAL | 5000 Calories | Zac Perna,” which has over 6 million views to date.

In addition to this, the model is the owner and founder of a clothing brand called “Slouch Potato.” If media reports are to be believed, Zac is presumably going to be featured on the cover of several lifestyle magazines soon.

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How tall is Zac Perna?

Zac Perna is 5′ 9″ (1.75 m) tall.

What is the weight of Zac Perna?

The weight of Zac Perna is approximately 79 kg (174 lbs).

What is Zac Perna’s Eye Color?

Zac Perna’s eye color is Brown.

What is Zac Perna’s Hair Color?

Zac Perna’s hair color is Brown.

Zac Perna girlfriend partner age height weight net worth YouTube family
Zac Perna is posing with Izzy Flannery

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