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Who is Andre Colquhoun? Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography, Facts, and More




Andre Colquhoun is a Canadian actor, filmmaker, and music artist. He’s known for his co-starring role as Ceres Medic in the hit TV series The Expanse (2022) and his co-starring role as Liam Rivera in the hit TV series Hudson & Rex (2022). He’s also an outstanding filmmaker and musical artist, recently creating and starring in the musical short film Short Term (2020).

Andre has worked on various film and TV projects in front of and behind the camera, receiving recognition for his performance, filmmaking, and creativity. He also has a few feature films in development that he wrote, and will be producing, directing, and acting in. He’s not in the entertainment industry for fun and games, but because he has a fire within him that cannot be put out. 

Andre Colquhoun age height net worth facts

Becoming an Actor 

Ever since he was little, he was always an artsy kid. Watching several movies a day, reenacting movie scenes with his action figures, creating a Superman costume, and running around the house in it yelling “I’m the new black Superman, hooray!” All sorts of craziness. Then in eighth grade, his music teacher saw something in him and told him to audition for the lead in the school musical. He was hesitant at first, but eventually auditioned.

He got the part and the rest was history. He fell in love. Andre took the arts in high school, and college, and continued on the acting train to this day. He’d say the real spark happened in twelfth grade. Beforehand, he never really knew acting could be a potential career avenue, but after doing some heavy thinking and investigating, he knew he could do it, and do it with greatness. 

Real Name:
Andre Colquhoun 
Profession: Acting, Filmmaking, Music
63kg | 140lbs 
Net worth:
6′ 2” | 187cm | 1.87m 
Age: 27 
Eye Color: Brown
Birth Date:July 6, 1995
Hair Color:
Horoscope: Cancer
Marital Status:Single
Birth Place:Toronto, Canada
Lives in:
Toronto, Canada 
Andre Colquhoun

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