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What Bra Size is Rihanna?

What Bra Size is Rihanna?

Rihanna is a popular singer, businesswoman, and actress. She is best known as one of the most renowned singers of the 21st century. Aside from singing, she also owns fashion and cosmetic brands. She is also known for her modeling pictures as a style icon, and her fans are always curious about her bra size. It is known that her bra size is 32B. Let’s dive into what bra size Rihanna wears and her body measurements, along with answering some frequently asked questions.

Rihanna’s Body Measurement/ Figure

Breast Size/Bust Size34 inches
Bra Size32B
Cup SizeB
Hip Size36 inches
Shoe Size9 (US), 40 (EU) or 7 (UK)
Clothes size or dress size4 (US), 36 (EU) or 8 (UK)
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight60 kg
Zodiac SignPisces
Rihanna bra size

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors determine a person’s bra size?

The size and form of a person’s breasts, as well as their body frame, all play a role in determining what bra size they should wear. The band size (the number) and cup size (the letter) are the two primary metrics used to define bra size.

2. Does bra size impact a person’s appearance or self-confidence?

Although a person’s bra size might have little impact on how they feel about themselves, it’s vital to keep in mind that attractiveness and self-esteem are quite subjective and nuanced.

3. Can Rihanna’s bra size change over time?

Yes, much like everyone else’s, Rihanna’s bra size might change over time due to a variety of factors. A few factors that might modify bra size are age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, hormone changes, and surgery.

4. Is it necessary to wear a bra that matches your exact bra size?

For optimum comfort and support, it’s preferred to wear a bra that exactly matches your bra size, however, there may be some sizing flexibility based on personal preferences and the style of bra.

5. Can I determine my bra size without measurements?

While estimating your bra size without measurements might be difficult, it is doable if you have a solid grasp of your body and your current bra size. However, bear in mind that for the greatest fit and comfort, measuring yourself is the most reliable approach to determining your bra size.


The bra size that Rihanna wears is 32B. It is basically a smaller bra size, though her figure makes her bosom appear curvier. Contoured and pushup bras are the ideal types to wear if your bra size is comparable to 32B.

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