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What Bra Size is Madelaine Petsch?

What bra size is Madelaine Petsch?

Madelaine Petsch is a famous actress and social media personality. She rose to fame and popularity by portraying the role of Cheryl Blossom on the CW television series Riverdale (2017–2023). She has a classic model physique, characterized by long legs, a slender frame, and good height. This physique is well-suited for action roles and fitness modeling.

It’s often admired by her fans, who wonder about her bra size and body measurements. Her bra size is 32A. Let’s explore this topic and discover Madelaine’s body measurements, as well as answer some frequently asked queries.

Madelaine Petsch Body Measurement/Figure

Breast Size/Bust Size33 inches
Bra Size32A
Cup SizeA
Hip Size34 inches
Shoe Size7 US, 37.5 EU or 5 UK
Clothes size or dress size2 US, 34 EU or 6 UK
Height5 feet, 5 inches
Weight54 kg
Zodiac SignLeo
Madelaine Petsch bra size
Madelaine Petsch

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors determine a person’s bra size?

The bust measurement (cup size), which is the distance between the fullest region of the breasts and the band size, and the underbust measurement (band size), which corresponds to the ribcage circumference, are the two main elements that define a person’s bra size. Brand and style can also affect bra sizes.

2. Does bra size impact a person’s appearance or self-confidence?

Yes, a person’s bra size may change how they look since it affects how their clothes fit and provide support for the chest. Additionally, social beauty standards may be a cause of some people’s low self-esteem, although confidence is highly individualized and affected by many other things outside bra size, such as body image and self-acceptance.

3. Can Madelaine Petsch’s bra size change over time?

Yes, Madelaine Petsch’s bra size can alter over time due to variables including weight changes, pregnancy, age, or surgery, just like anybody else’s. Breast size can also be affected by hormonal changes and lifestyle decisions. It’s crucial to keep in mind that bra size might fluctuate and may need to be fitted frequently to maintain the right level of comfort and support.

4. Is it necessary to wear a bra that matches your exact bra size?

For optimal comfort and support, it is normally recommended to wear a bra that closely matches your precise bra size. Bras that don’t fit properly can cause discomfort, agony, and long-term problems. A well-fitted bra is advised for daily wear, however, preferences may vary and some people select alternative types or sizes for particular outfits or comfort reasons.

5. Can I determine my bra size without measurements?

Although measurements are the most exact approach to determine your bra size, some people may make an educated guess based on the fit of their current bras. However, having measured by a professional is advised for the best fit, especially if there have been changes in weight or body shape.


Madelaine Petsch wears a bra size 32A. Her bust size is slightly smaller, and it is suggested for someone with a similar cup size to wear Demi bras or padded bras, which can provide extra lift and shape, enhancing the appearance of a smaller bust like 32A.

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