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What Bra Size is Lana Condor?

What bra size is Lana Condor?

Lana Condor is a popular American actress and YouTuber. She began her acting career as Jubilee in the 2016 superhero film X-Men: Apocalypse. Later, she gained fame for starring in the romantic comedy To All the Boys film series (2018–2021).

She has a well-proportioned physique that is well-suited for her action roles, which makes her fans curious to know her bra size and body measurements. Her bra size is 38B. Let’s explore this topic and find out what Lana Condor’s body measurements are, as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

Lana Condor Body Measurement/Figure

Breast Size/Bust Size33 inches
Bra Size38B
Cup SizeB
Hip Size33 inches
Shoe Size6 (US)
Clothes size or dress size4 (US)
Height5 feet 3 inches
Weight50 kg
Zodiac SignTaurus
Lana Condor bra size
Lana Condor

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors determine a person’s bra size?

The band size, which is measured around the ribcage, and the cup size, which is determined by the difference between the bust and band measures, are the two main criteria that define a person’s bra size. Regular fits are necessary for a comfortable and supportive fit because these dimensions can be affected by genetics, weight changes, and pregnancy.

2. Does bra size impact a person’s appearance or self-confidence?

Yes, a well-fitted bra may improve one’s look by supporting and shaping them, which can increase self-confidence. On the other hand, a poorly fitted bra can be uncomfortable, have an influence on posture, and change how clothes fit, thereby reducing one’s self-esteem. Both appearance and confidence may be positively impacted by a supportive and correctly fitted bra.

3. Can Lana Condor’s bra size change over time?

Yes, owing to factors including weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, and age, Lana Condor’s bra size can alter over time. It’s typical for people to undergo changes in breast size and shape throughout the course of their lifetimes, which may require adjusting bra sizing to provide comfort and support.

4. Is it necessary to wear a bra that matches your exact bra size?

For comfort and support, it’s crucial to wear a bra that is almost exactly your size. Uncomfortableness, back pain, and drooping breasts may all be avoided with the right bra. While little differences could be okay, wearing clothes that are substantially out of proportion can be uncomfortable and have a bad impact on the health and look of the breasts.

5. Can I determine my bra size without measurements?

Even though taking measurements is the most precise approach to figuring out your bra size, some people may guess their size based on how well their clothes fit and feel. However, it is advised to measure your underbust and bust and use these measures as a starting point when deciding your bra size in order to provide the perfect fit and best support.


Lana Condor wears a 38B bra size. It is highly familiar among American actresses and models. She may wear a variety of tops and bras and even go braless without getting attention to herself because of her cup size.

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