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SATEESH’S AUTHOR RECORDS He became the second youngest author in India 

By the year’s end, he has requested to unpublish the book to establish a record of the youngest Indian to unpublish a book at the age of 19. 

Following these many students from the universities of NICARAGUA and BRAZIL followed him and aspired him on my works on literature and psychology and philosophy. The Wroclaw university also published many of his writings in the weekly magazines. 

By then he started writing many articles on economy, stocks, psychology, anthropology and got recognition as a TACTICIAN. 

In a short period of time he republished the new edition of his book again. 




(Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Great Maratha Empire in the western India where his stories are narrated as part of folktale. Author SATEESH PATIL(1998), belonging to the Satara, main family of Chandra Kshyatriya clan of Shivaji Maharaj, setup bunch of his research and literature for exploring. The leader of Guerrilla warfare techniques followed by tactics like Geography, speed and surprise to defeat far out numbered enemies. Military reforms by Shivaji Maharaj and visionary of his followers Baji Prabhu Deshpande, Tanaji) This book was requested as the foreigners wanted to know the history of western maratha empire of India and have requested him as he was from the same family. This book is a pride for him as many then known folktales of exact history are being written in this book which would give a conspiracy plot in those periods, this book had got him famous in some parts of the world but the book was not initially published in India.

2.THE INVINCIBLE-The way the world is 

The Author of The INVINCIBLE, Sateesh Patil evaluates the triggers of life mastery and manipulation techniques which advents an individual life. Self-concepts distinguishing between inner vision and law of attraction basis on modern techniques are expressed in diplomatic way of experiments on basis of domain by psychological phenomenon. This was his second book republished by new edition and dealing about the unbreakable philology of the world and humans using triggers for achievement. 

3.How Jane Met Neha Raj 

Jane Maya (lyricist) from Agarthala- a transferred student to the west of Airoli. sooner Jane befriends a hyper active student Isak, series of incidents takes place as Jane meets this mystic adorable girl, Neha Raj, making her his source of writing. Will Jane harvest her heart followed by the notorious events and actions which turn destiny in favor to him. Jane meets Neha Raj- this is not where the event ends, it’s the point where the actual story of Jane begins. 

This was his master piece work on fiction and literature in Romance which about brought him fame in indonesia and jakarta.By this book he have contributed to the kids and young 

cancer trust where they supported him in his work and thanked him for donating his royalties. 



This fiction is about to publish this month in India and is one of my master piece of work on romantic literature following the real life story which took place in a spanish nation. 


As an author he had made enough royalties for publishing his further books and brought about name not just as an author but also as he has contributed to some disordered children there in Brazil and Jakarta. 


He contributed almost all of my royalties as he get paid every 60 days and donating them was his finest moment of life and felt achieving his legacy. As a result he achieved many followers on Instagram and Facebook at present moment which makes him feel great. 

Net Worth
Net worth$2 million
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