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Sania Mirza Tweeted On The Advertisement War Between India and Pakistan.

ICC World Cup has started on 30th May, but all Indian audience are waiting for the biggest India Vs Pakistan Match on 16th June, the people of both countries are extremely excited about this match.

India Vs, Pakistan match to be held on Sunday, and before that, the advertising war has begun between both countries, both countries are trying to humiliate each other through an advertisement.

Indian star tennis player Sania Mirza tweeted on Tuesday about the advertisement of both countries in which both countries are making fun of each other, she expressed her anger on the advertisement and said, these ads are classless and no one needs to hype up or market the match, this match already has a lot of attention and it is just a cricket, nothing more than that. So people should not put so much attention to this kind of advertisement.

World Sports Broadcasting Partner Star Sports has aired an advertisement on the India-Pakistan match on Sunday, June 16, which was shown with ‘Father’s Day’. In addition, in the advertisement, India was depicted as Pakistan’s father. India’s Star TV is showing an advertisement, in which the Indian supporters tell themselves ‘abbu’ (father) of Pakistan. It is in reference to the Indian team’s dominance in the World Cup in Pakistan.

 In response to this advertisement created by Star Spots, Pakistan also issued an advertisement, which was made on Wing Commander Abhinandan. In this advertisement, the cup of tea kept in the hands of Abhinandan was told by the cricket cup. This 33-second advertisement shown in the blue jersey of India and its moustache has been made like a compliment. When asked about India’s strategy for the match, it can be seen repeating the viral comment that says, “sorry, I am not supposed to inform you of this.”

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