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How Tall is Pierson Wodzynski?

How Tall is Pierson Wodzynski
Pierson Wodzynski

: 5′ 6½″ (1.69 m)

Pierson Wodzynski is an American social media influencer, TikTok star, and YouTuber who is globally known for sharing dancing, singing, pranks, reactions, and lip-sync videos on TikTok and modeling content on Instagram. She is also recognized for sharing travel, adventure, challenges, experiments videos, and everyday vlogs on a self-titled YouTube channel. 

On February 18, 1999, Pierson was born and grew up in California, USA, alongside her siblings. She attended a private high school and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California. While studying at college, Pierson uncovered her passion for modeling and decided to pursue a career in it. 

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At a young age, Pierson started her early career as a content creator on TikTok by sharing singing, dancing, pranks, reactions, and lip-sync videos. She gained recognition on the platform when her captivating videos went viral and recorded millions of views. 

Similarly, Wodzynski has amassed a huge fan following on Instagram, where she often shares modeling and lifestyle content. With her rising fame as a model, multiple sports, fashion, makeup, and lingerie brands have signed Pierson as their digital face and promoter. 

Apart from this, she has a self-titled YouTube channel with over 5.59 million subscribers, where she often shares challenges, experiments, travel, adventure videos, and everyday vlogs. 

Following her popularity as a social media influencer, Pierson made her acting debut in 2019 by playing a supporting role in the drama show “Date Takeover,” which received positive reviews. She has also worked on a few other popular shows, including Amp World (2020), Dhar Mann (2022), Mean Girls (2024), and others. 

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Pierson was born to Karin Wodzynski, and her father’s name is currently not known. She has a brother named Logan Wodzynski, who is also a social media influencer. 



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