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NRC: Assam Govt Has Published New List Of 1 Lakh People to claim their citizenship.

The government of Assam has published the name of over more than 1 Lakh people who was listed in the second NRC list published on 30th July 2018, and they were unable to proof their citizenship.

The first NRC list was published on 31 December 2017 in which 1.9 crore peoples name was published out of 3.29 crore applicant, second Nrc list was published on 30 July 2018, in this list 2.9 crore peoples name was there.

Today, on 26th June, government of Assam has released the list of 1 lakh people whose name was in the the list of NRC but was unable to submit their required documents.

Now, before the final list these people will have to submit the required document to proof their citizienship of INdia.

The 1 Lakh people whose name has been published, now , these peoples can claim to proof their citizenship of India,

What is National Citizen Register(NRC)?

In National Citizen Register there are the name of all the citizen of Assam ,with address and photos.Only those peoples name will be included in National Citizen Register who came in Indian reagion till 24th march 1971 midnight.

Only those people will be considered as the citizen of India who will be able to proof that their birth before 21 march 1971.

Those people will be also considered as the citizen of India whose ancistor name was in the first voting list of Assam in 1951.

The final NRC list will be published on 31st July 2019, before that the government has given the chance to claim the citizenship, if they will not be able to submit the required document then they will not included in the list of NRC.

In second list out of 3.29 crore applicant only 2.9 crore was listed in the NRC, 40 lakh peoples name was not in that list.Opposition political parties are against of this bill.

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