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Netflix confirms Elite season 8: Find out the Release Date, Story, Cast return, New Cast, and Everything Else

Elite“, a critically acclaimed Spanish teen drama and one of the longest-running Netflix shows, is going to have season 8. In a recent event, Netflix announced season 8 of the show with two new characters, Ane Rot (Killer Book Club) and Nuno Gallego (UPA Next), and the return of the previous cast member, Mina el Hammani, who played the recurring role of Nadia in the first three seasons.

Zeta Production is going to produce the show, and this season will be directed by renowned directors Daniel Barone, Ginesta Guindal, Jota Linares, and Elena Trape, as per media reports. The production of the show is all set to kick off in August, and it is anticipated to be released in the spring or summer of 2024. As the news of the new season came, fans showed their excitement on several social media platforms, including Twitter.

For those who are not familiar with Elite, it is an award-winning Spanish Teen drama-thriller show created by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona. The show is set in Las Encinas, an elite Spanish high school, and follows the stories of three working-class students and their relationships with their wealthy classmates. As of now, six seasons of Elite have been released, and its upcoming season 7 is going to hit the floor on October 20.

The main cast members of the upcoming season 7 are Omar Ayuso, Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, Manu Ríos, Diego Martín, Ander Puig, Guillermo Campra, Mirela Balic, Alejandro Albarracín, Iván Mendes, and Maribel Verdú. More details about the season will be updated when it is officially released.

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