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Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl ) is a well-renowned tattoo artist, model, and social media influencer. She is well known for her high-quality tattoos and modeling photo/video content on her Instagram account and in magazines.

In addition to this, she has also garnered worldwide notoriety as a content creator, especially known for her unique and creative tattoo artwork. Her stunning looks and style have helped her amass several hundred thousand followers on various social media platforms.


Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl ) Biography / Wiki

The emerging fashion model and tattoo artist Vlogigurl was born on September 29, 2000, and spent most of her childhood in school and learning how to paint. After graduating high school Nadine started modeling for several well-known fashion brands. Three years after high school she started her tattoo apprenticeship. 

Full NameNadine Harvey
Nick NameVlogigurl
Date Of Birth09/29/2000
Birth PlaceN/A
Zodic SignLibra
Years ActiveModeling – 4 years / Tattoo Artist – 1 year
ProfessionTattoo Artist / Model

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl ) Age / Birthday

As per Nadine Harvey’s social media platforms, her birthday is on the 29th of September which makes her 21 years old as of now in 2022

NADINE HARVEY boyfriend and facts

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl ) Height and Weight

Talking about Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl )’s physical appearance, her height is unknown, but we were able to find that she weighs around 115lb. Her hair color is brunette and her eye color is light brown. Her dedication to a fit lifestyle, which includes healthy eating and an intense training regime, has led her to achieve a perfect “model-like” hourglassed body.

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl ) Early Fame

Nadine Harvey had tons of different interests in her younger years and narrowed them down to fashion, cars, and art in her teen years. While growing up she dedicated most of her life to learning everything she could about them. She chose to create a carrier in those fields and has quickly become wildly successful for her age.


She has worked with multiple well-known fashion brands and has been featured in a few magazines. Subsequently, took her garnered early fame as a model because of her impressive and exceptional work in fashion and her unique style.

As a model and tattoo artist, Nadine has garnered massive popularity on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, TikTok, and multiple websites. On Instagram, she has thousands of followers and often shares her daily life as a tattoo artist, adventures, outfits, accomplishments, videos, and artwork. In addition to this, she was one of the first creators who gained fame as a video content creator on a worldwide short music video-sharing app titled TikTok.


Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl ) Instagram

In 2019, Vlogigurl joined Instagram and posted her first picture around the month of September. Over the app, she especially shares cars, tattoos, daily life, traveling, her cats, and modeling photoshoot contents on her account titled Vlogigurl. Her astonishing and exceptional photos, tattoo artwork, and modeling content led her to achieve early fame in a short span of time.

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Now, she has amassed several thousand of followers across multiple social media platforms. Not only has Nadine attracted worldwide fans, but also international brands as well including Fashionnova, Prettylittlething, Dollskill, and many others.

Furthermore, she has also amassed fame as a video content creator. On a worldwide popular short lip-sync and facial expression video-sharing app titled TikTok. Her content is mostly focused on sharing her Social Media Challenges, Videos Based on Trending Hashtags, Dance, Song Imitations, Cute animals, Cars, and Tattoos on it.

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl ) Net Worth and Earnings

As of now in 2022, Nadine’s net worth remains a mystery. She has had a very successful career so far, but we are unable to find how much she actually makes.

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl ) Family / Siblings and Relatives

With humble apologies at this moment, the information related to Nadine Harvey’s family and relatives has not yet been shared by her in the public domain, so far. In the coming future, if we get any vital information related to her relatives we will let you know.

NADINE HARVEY  boyfriend

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl ) Relationship / Boyfriend

Nadine has not disclosed any vital knowledge regarding her past as well as her present relationship connections publicly, as of now. However, we are carrying out a comprehensive investigation of her relationships, as we come to a factual conclusion. We will update you guys soon with satisfying information.

Read five important Facts about Nadine Harvey

  • Nadine Harvey (Vlogigurl ) currently lives in the United States of America. Her website says that she tattoos out of California and Texas.
  • She drives a Chevy Camaro and loves cars.
  • She has been featured by multiple worldwide fashion and tattoo brands, magazines, and articles.
  • She owns a black and gray/white colored cats.
  • She loves traveling, horror, and anime.

Social Media

InstagramVlogigurl AND witchytat2
TikTokVlogigurl AND sowymom


Who is Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 )?

Nadine Harvey is an amazing model, social media influencer, and tattoo artist who has amassed worldwide popularity. Her most popular content is her impressive and notable fashion, modeling, and tattoo videos/pictures. She is often booked out for several months on her tattooing website, if you want to get a tattoo from her make sure to book early.

Is Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ) Married?

Presently, there is no factual information related to her relationship status.

What is the age of Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 )?

The age of Nadine Harvey can be calculated to be about 21 years old.

When is the Birthday of Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 )?

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 )’s birthday is on September 29, 2000.

What is the zodiac sign of Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 )?

According to the date of birth of Nadine Harvey, her zodiac sign is Libra.

How tall is Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 )?

Vlogigurl’s height is a mystery that we are unsure will ever be exposed.

Where is Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ) from?

Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 ) lives in the United States of America. Her website says she works out of California and Texas.

How much is the net worth of Nadine Harvey ( Vlogigurl or Witchytat2 )?

The prominent model, tattoo artist, and social media influencer’s net worth and earnings can not be calculated. However, we can guess that the majority of her income is gained from modeling and being a tattoo artist. 

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