Leading Life Luxuriously, Aashray Jain is the new Youth Icon

Aashray Jain
Aashray Jain

From owning the two wheel drive to world’s most expensive cars, Aashray is the new inspiration for the young millennials. Despite being born in a family of business entrepreneurs, Aashray worked hard to run his family business ventures.

Aashray was always keen on moving in expensive cars and his ultimate enthusiast has made him own the most popular and lavish cars which includes Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, Mercedes S-class,Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and much more based in Dubai.

His journey of becoming tycoon is surely an inspiration to millions. He signifies that undeterred will power and self-belief can move mountains and can take you up the ladder of achievement.He got his training of Business from the UK. Soon he started exploring his entrepreneurial adventures and soon exuberantly carried his family business venture to another level and is still working hard to achieve the desired success in life.

Presently he is an global citizen, Currently living in Dubai.

Aashray says- “My moral in my life is simple you treat me good i will definitely treat you better”.

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