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“How quitting my corporate job was the best decision of my life”

A businessman with a plan, Jerry Becerra set out with the goal to make people feel good about solar through his company, Growing their brand organically, Becerra notes a lot of their growth has come from a general increase in the demand for solar products. 

He also puts a lot of faith into his team, and credits much of’s success to their hard work, and knows the mutual relationship he has with his employees to reward their efforts and help them progress in their careers. He states: 

“We don’t hire people if we cannot make them better than when we met.” 

It wasn’t always an easy road to the top, though. Becerra notes that product availability was hard to come by during the early days. But, that’s all a part of being an early mover in your field. He continues to explain that they were forced to stop using a certain product due to government circumstances, so they sought out even better manufacturers with better warranties. 

At the core of, Becerra has instilled an attitude of integrity and honesty, which shines out from top to bottom. Becerra acknowledges that his company prides itself in hiring and recruiting people that never had a fair shot at a good opportunity, and they like to hire people working in jobs with zero growth opportunities and showing them that there’s better options out there. He says with a smile: 

“Our goal is to get our people smarter and sharper then show them opportunities to earn more income than before. We try to change lives, if they allow us.” 

Right now, Becerra has led his company to success in 33 states, working with customers who already have solar installed, but continue to receive electric bills from their utility company after they’ve converted. Becerra acknowledges that the company is preparing for any unprecedented events and unexpected changes in the market that may arise, though they are comfortable with their slow and steady growth.

One thing is for certain–Becerra is a true entrepreneur and has a knack for finding untapped areas of business that are prime for takeoff. He executes with precision to make it to the top in all that he does, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

To hear more from Becerra and stay up-to-date with his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:

You may also contact Becerra at [email protected]

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