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Gulzaar Chhaniwala(Singer) Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth

Some Interesting and Unknown Facts About Gulzaar Chhaniwal

  • Gulzaar faced many problems for achieving his singing dream.
  • He started singing in 2011 and finally got fame in 2018 by song Faad Faad.
  • Gulzaar came to the industry to take 10 thousand only and started to make videos on Youtube in her channel Gulzaar Chhaniwal.
  • Gulzar was fond of becoming a Navy since childhood.
  • When Gulzar does a dance program in his school, after that acting and singing get ingrained in his mind since then he started thinking that I too will earn my name and I will become a singer.
  • Gulzar first wants to sing Punjabi Song for Punjabi Industry but he felt that there are already many singers in Punjab, so he thought why not do something different and he considered Haryana as his industry and started singing Haryanvi songs and finally he got fame in this Industry.
  • The most unique thing about Gulzar’s songs is that each of his songs has a dialogue that people like very much, they also like it very much in the way of his different songs.
  • He struggled 9 years after that he got fame.
  • Gulzaar favourite dialogue is ”Baat Sun madam ji Yara Khatee ghni ty ty kari na, To tere bhi tek Denge, Are ye Yaar h chargerr kona jo Tere Pache Fek Denge.
  • He spends his life likes normal people and eats meals sitting on the flore with his family.
  • He is also a Music Producer, Tik Tok Star, Youtube Star, Modle, Musician.
  • Gulzaar loves to spend time with his friends and family.
  • He is a good friend of Hansraj Raghuvanshi.
  • He is a pet lover.

Social Media

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Net Worth

Gulzaar Chhaniwal net worth is estimated 60 lakhs.

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