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Who is Daniel Rashid? Age, Height, Net Worth, Family, Career, Weight, Girlfriend, Wiki, Biography

Daniel Rashid is a well-recognized celebrity, who is knowns as a popular Scriptwriter, producer, actor, and social media personality. Apart from this Daniel is also famous as a film director and has accumulated much fame in the Hollywood industry by conveying his outstanding film directions. In addition to this Daniel has also accumulated additional fame by portraying the role of Heck in the Net flix web series named Paper Girl which is released on the 29th of July 2022. In the series, he has played an excellent role and is positively admired by fans all around the world. 

Daniel Rashid Wiki Bio:

Till now Daniel has not yet shared any positive information related to his date of birth and his early education details in the public domain. However, with some valid sources, it is proclaimed that the excellent actor Daniel was born in Chicago, USA, to a popular cinematography family. 

NameDaniel Rashid
Birth PlaceChicago, USA
Date of BirthNot Found
ProfessionActor and Cinematographer 

Daniel Rashid Age/ Nationality

At this point in time, we have no factual information. Daniel holds American citizenship.

Daniel Rashid Instagram
Daniel Rashid

Daniel Rashid Height and Weight

Daniel is a popular actor who stands at a perfect height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and at an average weight of 60 kg. 

Daniel Rashid Age
Daniel Rashid

Daniel Rashid Girlfrimemd/ Husband / Relationship

The popular Hollywood actor Daniel Rashid is romantically engaged in a serious relationship with Reilly Anspaugh a popular cartoonist, Actor, Writer, and Singer. Where else both the couple are often seen traveling and enjoying their late-night parties together. Similarly, it came to be known that, in the coming days both the charming couple Daniel and Reilly are going to get married to each other. 

Daniel Rashid Boyfriend / Husband / Relationship
Daniel Rashid

Daniel Rashid’s Net Worth

Daniel Rashid’s net worth is approx $10.2 million USD. Daniel is a popular actor who has appeared in numerous movies and tv series. The main sources of his income are acting, modeling, advisement, and social media platforms. Daniel has earned a massive amount of sum from his cinematography profession. In addition, he also keeps on promoting various brands digitally on his social media handle. 

Daniel Rashid's Early Fame and Acting
Daniel Rashid

Daniel Rashid’s Early Fame and Acting

From a young age, Daniel was interested in acting and filmography works and later after completing his graduation he emerged as a star in the Hollywood industry. His first debut in the film industry was given in the year 2011, when he was signed as a cast in the short series named Sheldon and the Toad portraying the role of, Sheldon. The series was directed and narrated by some popular actors and actresses including Grant Stevens and Toad. 

On the other hand, after his first appearance in the Hollywood industry by his debut role of Sheldon again in the same year, Daniel was signed for playing the role of New Years’ Reveler, in the short series Midnight. Which was directed by Talia Lidia and written by Debora Lascelles, and was narrated with the story of a social worker who tries to stop a paranoid child from harming his little brother. 

Apart from this Daniel has also worked in a popular tv series titled “Geoffrey the Dumbass” and played the role of Barry Chair, eventually, the series was directed and narrated by a popular Hollywood director and writer. As per the IMDb record, the series was released on the 13th of October 2018. This tv series was narrated with the story of an office dumbly and his comedic mishaps throughout their work, and somehow takes his co-workers for a real ride.

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Daniel has even established her name in the film industry by giving her amazing performances in the Hollywood movie named Dead by Midnight (Y2Kill), in which he performed the character role of Trevor Walsh. 

Daniel Rashid's Early Fame and Acting
Daniel Rashid

Daniel Rashid movies and T.v series

Being a prominent actor, director, writer, and producer, till now Daniel has worked and performed in multiple movies and t.v series including some short videos. But in all of them, very few movies and t.v series are there which further helped him in acquiring fame around the world. Here are some of Daniel’s popular movies and t.v series.


In 2016, he played multiple character roles in a few movies and t.v series including Giggle Break, Mr. Goode for the role of Zach, Your Old Man for the role of Parking Attendant, and Gloves for the role of Hank. Cavities for the role of Dan. Vinyasa Flow for the role of a Yoga Student.

Daniel Rashid


In 2017, he performed his excellent acting and direction skills for considerable movies and t.v series like Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders which was created by Erica Messer and Erica Meredith. In which he performed the role of Lee Kern.

Janny Jelly is a short series in which, Daniel performed his character role in front of multiple actors and actresses including Allie Jennings, Tommy Rudd Fleming, Richy Storrs, Joey Millin, Sullivan Brown, etc.

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In 2017, Daniel was signed for the role of MC Goggles in the series named Bodied in which his acting was highly appreciated and welcomed by global fans and critics. In the movie, he worked and collaborated with some prominent actors and actresses like Calum Worthy, Jackie Long, Rory Uphold, Shaniqua Shandai, Anthony Michael Hallk, and Jin Maley.

Two Truths and a Lie is a comedy and drama-based web series in which Daniel portrayed his self-titled character role with multiple actors and actresses like Temple Baker, Anisha Jagannathan, and Riley Scott. Similarly, the series was released on November 6, 2017.

Daniel Rashid's Early Fame and Acting
Daniel Rashid


In 2018, Daniel was cast in various movies and t.v series for performing the roles like Kasuf, Lewis, SMT Brother, Kasuf, Michael, etc. Knowing some additional information about the mentioned roles.

In the series named Stargate Origins, Daniel played the character role of Kasuf, similarly, the series was all about a Young girl named Catherine Langford who embarks on an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save the Earth from the darkness. In the series, Daniel worked and collaborated with multiple film stars including Ellie Gall, Alam Orian, Philip Alexander, Connor Trinneer, Shvan Aladdin, and others.

Being Frank is a Hollywood-based comedy movie, directed and written by Miranda Bailey and Glen Lakin. In the movie, Danial played the role of Lewis. According to IMDb the movie was released on 21st June 2019 and was very much liked by the movie’s lovers.

Splitting the Bill is a short comedy-based movie that was directed and written by Austin Kolodney and Brooke Palmieri in which Daniel played his self-titled role. We can say that the movie was critically as well as commercially successful and earned a massive sum of gross collections of several million dollars. The movie was all about 3 friends’ daily life problems and enjoyments.

Brosa Nostra is the title of the series in which Daniel performed his character role of SMT Brother, and shared the stage with some prominent actors and actresses including Chris Boudreaux, Andrew Acosta, Kevin Chan, Andrew Acosta, Alex Diehl, and others. The series was mainly based on the story of a villain named Steve who comes again to Greek Row at the Southern California College after 33 years of Exile.

Stargate Origins: Catherine is a Hollywood movie that was released on 19th June 2018 in which daniel played the exceptional role of Kasuf. Taking additional details about the movie according to IMDb the movie was mainly narrated from the story of a 1939 professor named Paul Langford and his daughter Catherine, who wants to discover the Egyptian desert’s ancient mysteries. Similarly, the narrator and director of the movie were Mercedes Bryce, Morgan, Mark Ilvedson, Justin Michael, Terry, and Dean Devlin.

Daniel Rashid Family / Siblings / Parents 
Daniel Rashid along with her girlfriend


In the year 2020, Daniel was signed as an actor for collaborating in multiple Hollywood movies and series including The Last Station, Dead by Midnight (Y2Kill), Almost Winter, Get It Together, and Beast Beast which helped him to accumulate global fame and stardom.

The Last Station is a t.v series in which the young and talented actor Daniel played the role of Dustin. Similarly, the series was released on 1st June 2020 and was officially released in the English Language. Additionally, in the series, he played the character role in front of highly talented cinematographers like Sid Phoenix, Carolina Bonetti, Keanu Ross-Cabrera, Flannery Maney, Noah Suarez-Sikes, etc.

Dead by Midnight (Y2Kill) is an American-based Hollywood movie that was released the American cinemas in the English Language and was based on the genres of horror and thriller. Similarly, the movie was directed and narrated by some of the prominent personalities in the film industry including Davi Crimmins, Eric Davis, Hannah Fierman, Jay Holloway, and Jacklyn Edney.

Almost Winter is a romantic and drama-based short series in which Daniel was the screenwriter and actor as well as and was signed for the role of Eli Roberts. In the series, Daniel worked with Ron Crawford and Doug Tompos who are considered outstanding actors. Basically, the series narration was around the story of friendship between an aging physics professor and his fresh-out-of-college assistant who is put to the test as the assistant and realizes he is becoming his boss’s caretaker.

Get It Together is a Hollywood comedy and drama-based series directed by Jack Martin, in which Daniel performed the role of Mitchell. In the series, Daniel got an opportunity to work and collaborate with some of the anticipated actors and actresses like Matthew Keibler, Katie Baker, and Sara Molinar.

Beast is the movie in which Daniel played the excellent role of Yoni, directed and narrated by Danny Madden. In the movie, Daniel worked and collaborated with multiple actors and actresses including Shirley Chen, Will Madden, Jose Angeles, Anissa Matlock, Chip Carriere, etc. Subsequently, by some sources, it is known that the movie got positive reviews from worldwide fans and achieved a very high rating of 6.3 all credit goes to its fascinating story and VFX.

Apart from this Daniel has even worked in other few movies and t.v series including The Edge of Seventeen, Chauncey for the role of Henry, and Mean Spirited for the role of Tom.

Daniel Rashid movies and T.v series
Daniel Rashid

Daniel Rashid Family / Siblings / Parents 

Daniel was born in a cinematography family. But unfortunately, till now Daniel has not yet shared any factual information related to his family and parents’ details including their names. More information about his family members and relatives will be updated soon on this page. Just be in touch. 

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Daniel Rashid 8 Amazing Facts

  • Daniel Rashid is a prominent Instagram star.
  • He hails from the United States of America.
  • Daniel has beautiful and attractive eyes. 
  • He is an animal lover and she has a pet dog.
  • Daniel has also been showcased on the front page of the Chicago Tribune Magazine.
  • He enjoys playing basketball.
  • He likes to travel and gathered many new experiences in his DSLR camera.
  • David has also been signed by Mountain Dew a soft drink brand for their promotions. 
Daniel Rashid

Daniel Rashid Social Media

Daniel Rashid InstagramClick here
Daniel Rashid YouTubeClick here
Daniel Rashid Twitter Click here
Daniel Rashid TikTokClick here


  • Does Daniel Rashid, Consume Alcohol?
  • Yes
  • Does he know cooking?
  • Yes.
  • Does Daniel Rashid go to the gym?
  • Yes.
  • Does he, Smoke?
  • No.
  • Does he know driving?
  • Yes.
  • Does Daniel Rashid, Swim?
  • Yes.
  • Is he a Yoga Practitioner?
  • Yes.


Who is Daniel Rashid?

Daniel Rashid is an outstanding actor who has amassed worldwide recognization by showcasing his outstanding acting skills in multiple movies and t.v series.

What is the age of Daniel Rashid?


When is the Birthday of Daniel Rashid?

The information related to Daniel’s birthday is currently unavailable.

How tall is Daniel Rashid?

Daniel Rashid stands at an average height of 5′ 8” tall.

Where is Daniel Rashid from?

Daniel Rashid hails from Chicago, USA.

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