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Clash Between BJP & TMC Workers 4 died.

In North 24 Pargana 3 workers of BJP and 1worker of  TMC died in a clash yesterday, the clash between these two parties in West Bengal was at the peak at the time of Lok Sabah Election, but even after the election completion clash does not seem to stop, in fact, it is increasing. This incident has happened in North 24 Parganas Sadesh Khali area.

Pakistan Has Agreed On Allowing PM Modi To Use Air Space.

The Home Minister Amit Shah has asked for the report on this incident from State Government.

NRC: Assam Govt Has Published New List Of 1 Lakh People to claim their citizenship.

The president of Bhartiya Janta Party Shri Amit Shah talked to the BJP workers of West Bengal and said to be alert and do not involve in any kind of clash. In the past 4 years, BJP has already lost 58 workers lives in the political clash but this number is increasing day by day.

The political violation in West Bengal has become a common issue when the election was going on a lot of violation cases appeared,West Bengal govt is not even able to stop all these violations.

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