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Who is Afonso Pimentel? Age, Height, Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows, Wife, Family

Afonso Pimentel Age, Height, Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows: José Afonso Dias Pimentel, aka Afonso Pimentel, is a Portuguese actor, writer, and director who is mainly recognized for his award-winning performances in a few movies and shows, including Lua del Mel (2022), Nazare (2019), and Alma e Coracao (2018). He is also known for directing a few successful short films, including Po (2013), 2 Minutos (2016), and Jogos Crueis (2012).

Afonso Pimentel Biography/ Wiki

On August 4, 1982, Afonso was born and grew up in Lisbon, Portugal, with his siblings. He graduated from a local private school and completed his higher education at a recognized university. Afonso has had a passion for acting since his school days, and he even participated in a few stage plays.

Afonso Pimentel Age

As per Afonso Pimentel’s date of birth, his age is 40 years (as of 2023). 

Afonso Pimentel Height and Weight

The height of Afonso Pimentel is about 6′ 2″, and his weight is approximately 76 kg.

Afonso Pimentel wife parents family age height net worth kids movies tv shows
Afonso Pimentel is at an event

Afonso Pimentel’s Net Worth 

According to media reports, the net worth of Afonso Pimentel is estimated to be more than 5 million USD as of 2023. A significant share of his income comes from acting, stage plays, writing, directing movies, and other business ventures. 

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Afonso Pimentel Movies and TV Shows

Being fond of acting from a young age, Afonso commenced his acting career at the age of 14 by playing a supporting character, Filipe, in the 1996 drama movie “Goodbye, Father.”

The film was highly successful because of its engaging storyline, and he received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for best actor. He later portrayed Joao, an important character, in the 2000 drama movie “Amo-te Teresa,” which was also commercially successful.

Following that, Afonso was cast as Rui in the 2006 horror-mystery movie “Blood Curse.” His performance in the film was worth watching, and he went on to win the Golden Globes Award in Portugal for best actor.

Similarly, he has played award-winning roles in many other movies, such as Idade da Estupidez (2010), Vultos (2011), Cats Don’t Have Vertigo (2014), Adrift (2017), A Escritora (2020), Pe (2022), and Reverso (2022).

After his initial success in movies, Afonso made his television debut in 1998 with the recurring role of Ruca in the comedy-drama show “Médico de Familia.” He then portrayed one of the recurring roles of Tiago in the 2001 adventure drama show “A Minha Familia É Uma Animaço.”

The show received positive reviews globally and Afonso’s performance was praised by the audience and critics alike. In 2006, he rose to global prominence as an actor because of his phenomenal performance as Afonso Fritzenwalden in the 2006 drama show “Floribella,” which was a commercial success and received the Golden Globes Award in Portugal.

His other successful shows and series are Espirito Indomavel (2010), Doida por Ti (2012), Mulheres (2014), Santa Barbara (2016), Jogo Duplo (2017), and Nazare (2019).

In the coming days, Afonso is going to portray Ian, one of the lead roles on the upcoming Netflix action-thriller show “Turn of the Tide,” which also stars José Condessa, Rodrigo Tomás, and Kelly Bailey.

Apart from being an actor, he is also a writer and director of a few award-winning short films and series including 2 Minutos (2016), Po (2013), Jogos Crueis (2012), Sala Branca  (2010),  and Deixa Que Te Leae (2009). 

Afonso Pimentel Gloria

In 2021, Afonso portrayed Goncola, one of the important characters in Pedro Lopes’s drama-history show “Gloria.” The series’ plot was set in 1960 in the background of the Cold War and followed the story of Joao Vidal, who was working with the KGB.

Both the audience and critics highly appreciated the show for its intriguing storyline and direction. Furthermore, it was a commercial success and won several awards, including the Portuguese Film Academy Sophia Awards and Golden Globes Awards for best fiction series.

Afonso Pimentel Morangos com Acucar

Afonso is known for directing and playing the recurring role of Hugo in the 2005 comedy-drama series “Morangos com Açúcar.” The main plot of the show revolved around a group of teenagers and their daily struggles.

The show was a massive success and went on to win a few awards, such as Tropheus TV’s 7 Dias for best juvenile series. Likewise, Afonso received global recognition for both his direction and commendable performance in the show. 

Afonso Pimentel Family/ Parents/ Siblings

Afonso has kept all the information about his parents and family out of the public eye as of now. If we come across any information related to his family in the coming days, we will update you right away.

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Afonso Pimentel Wife/ Partner/ Marriage  

The actor has been in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Liliana Leito. The couple is blessed with a boy, Noah, and a girl, Alana. Afonso often shares family photos and videos on social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Afonso Pimentel family parents siblings age height net worth Instagram
Afonso Pimentel is posing with his friends

Unknown Facts about Afonso Pimentel

  • Afonso Pimentel hails from Lisbon, Portugal.
  • He is a renowned actor, writer, director, and stage artist.
  • His full name is José Afonso Dias Pimentel.
  • Afonso received the 2007 Golden Globes Award in Portugal for best actor.
  • He is fond of traveling, singing, dancing, reading books, photography, and cycling.
  • Afonso was nominated for the 2014 Portuguese Film Academy Sophia Awards for best-supporting actor.
  • He is an avid animal lover and has a pet dog.

Associated With

Albano Jeronimo has worked with Afonso Pimentel in various movies and TV shows, including Turn of the Tide.

Afonso Pimentel family parents siblings age height net worth Instagram
Afonso Pimentel is in a photoshoot

Social Media

Afonso Pimentel Instagram@afonso_pimentel
Afonso Pimentel Twitter@afonsodpimentel
Afonso Pimentel age height net worth movies tv shows family parents siblings Instagram
Afonso Pimentel is posing for a photographer


Does Afonso Pimentel consume alcohol?Yes
Does he smoke?No
Does he drive?Yes
Does Afonso Pimentel swim?Yes
Does he know how to cook?No
Is Afonso Pimentel a yoga practitioner?No
Does he go to the gym?Yes
Is Afonso Pimentel a jogger?Yes
Eating habits?Non-Vegetarian


Who is Afonso Pimentel?

Afonso Pimentel is a well-known Portuguese actor, stage artist, writer, and director who is mainly popular for playing significant roles in several award-winning movies and shows, including Ana e os Sete (2003), Floribella (2006), Espirito Indomavel (2010), Doida por Ti (2012), Santa Barbara (2016), and Jogo Duplo (2017).

Is Afonso Pimentel married?

Afonso Pimentel is in a relationship with Liliana Leitão.

How old is Afonso Pimentel?

Afonso Pimentel is 40 years old (as of 2023).

When is the birthday of Afonso Pimentel?

Afonso Pimentel’s birthday is on August 4, 1982.

What is the zodiac sign of Afonso Pimentel?

The zodiac sign of Afonso Pimentel is Leo.

How tall is Afonso Pimentel?

Afonso Pimentel is 6′ 2″ tall.

Where is Afonso Pimentel from?

Afonso Pimentel is from Lisbon, Portugal.

How much is the net worth of Afonso Pimentel?

The net worth of Afonso Pimentel is estimated to be more than 5 million USD as of 2023.

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