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5 Lesbian TikTok Creators to Follow

Although digital dating sites have only been around since the mid-1990s, to say they have exploded in popularity is no exaggeration. Around one-in-three of modern relationships are now initiated via these services, with the LGBTQ community twice as likely to be accessing them. The online environment is pulsating with many activities, and if you’re a single lesbian born within the lifetime of online dating – a zoomer – the chances are you’ll be familiar with TikTok. Here we’ll highlight our choice of five lesbian TikTok creators you should follow. Becoming familiar with their channels will also give you icebreaking conversation topics when interacting on lesbian dating sites!


If you’re a lesbian seeking regular fashion tips, then why don’t you sign up to become a follower of Gabriela Ovalles? Gabriela began getting noticed as a striking, androgynous model and dancer. Since forging a career on TikTok, her popularity has rocketed, her streams now attracting over 520K followers, and her posts accumulating 14 million likes. As well as the daily stylistic pointers, her mop of short, dark curls and beautiful features bear an uncanny resemblance to the top Hollywood star Timothee Chalamet. This certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by her legions of lesbian fans, many of whom are a sucker for that boyishly cute image. Her image manages to blend sexiness with a fantastic sense of humor. Gabi is a lifestyle influencer and dancer, so a typical TikTok might see her performing a cute dance to the background music, still looking effortlessly attractive in a casual top and a bandana while wielding a pool cue!


Hailing from Australia, 19-year-old Jay is a lesbian TikTol performer who is also diagnosed with autism and ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder). Being so vocal about her condition is one reason for her TikToks being so widely viewed – she currently has 1.2 million followers, and her posts have been liked over 16 million times. Back in the summer, she uploaded a video of herself reacting to a song for the very first time, and the cute factor sent the Internet alight! But there is also a serious side to the undeniably entertaining footage. She is also highlighting one of the classic symptoms of autism, how individuals manage to cope with sensory overload. As well as those wonderful musical appreciation TikToks, this budding star also creates content where she gets in cosplay. What else? She has also released TikToks appealing to Harry Potter fans and lovers of anime. Her meld of captivating and educational content is proving to be a huge hit amongst her followers.


Mena is a bubbly singer and guitarist who auditioned for Canada’s Got Talent six years ago. Since then, she has put her formidable musical skills into her TikTok videos, performing music, and fabulous dance routines with their fiancee Kris (a fellow TikTokker). She also loves posting footage of their adorable pet cat, named after the Lion Ling star Simba (who also has a TikTok handle!) Mena’s goofy smile and enthusiastic take on life have provided her with another huge TikTok following, her videos gaining over 75 million likes, while the number of followers is over 2.2 million.


Although Avery has only been running her TikTok account since 2019, the 21-year-old from Colleyville, Texas, has established a colossal fanbase of 7 million followers. As a young influencer, she has also created an LGBTQ+ TikTok group named @gayangels. Her popular TikToks feature her engaging personality and unique take on queer culture – always delivering with a flirty attitude guaranteed to get her lesbian fans hot under the collar! So far, her performances have earned over 210 million likes.


Raquel’s TikToks has been liked over 11 million times, while she can boast a following that is rapidly heading towards half a million. If you’re ever feeling a little deflated, homing in on her beaming smile while she presents versions of the latest TikTok trends will provide a welcome boost of feelgood energy!

As we can see, TikTok isn’t just great for providing a diversion, with so many superb creators who are giving a bold and energetic voice to the LGBTQ+ community. As well as these lesbian TikTokers, you can go down a rabbit hole unearthing captivating content. There’s even a channel that imagines how Willy Wonka of Chocolate Factory fame would entertain! But it can also be educational, and this is where TikTok can become so much more than a way of whiling away some time over a coffee break. It is proving to be a hub where people from a diverse range of backgrounds can both socialize and feel included. Marketing companies are increasingly likely to be all over TikTok for branding, but if you’re just looking for cute lesbian footage, it’s perfect!

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