5 Km Long Jam on Mumbai -Ahmedabad Highway Due To Heavy Rains.

5 Km Long Jam on Mumbai -Ahmedabad Highway Due To Heavy  Rains.

On Monday Mumbai has received heavy rain, the weather of Mumbai has become pleasant but at the same time, people are phasing trouble due to excessive rain. Because of heavy rain road has filled with water and in Valsad district, Mumbai-Ahmedabad road has felt in jam.

The western railway has cancelled few trains and rest of trains has been diverted. Passengers will have to phase the problem the train root will as soon as possible.

Due to excessive rain Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway in Valsad district has been damaged, recovery work has been started in the damaged portion of the national highway.

Not only Valsad but also in few other region people are facing problem due to heavy rainfall since monsoon has entered into Maharashtra, rains will be received in upcoming days

The capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal has also received the rain, in Bhopal people were facing high temperature but after rain weather has become very pleasant and people are feeling relaxed.

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