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5 Body Positive TikTokers: How to Find Such a Girl?

TikTokers are the latest social media influencers, and they will continue to be this way for years to come. In the past, TikTokers promoted themselves only, but now they are working to help others. Today, we are taking a look at five of the best body-positive TikTokers that are on the platform right now, and they’re going to discuss how you can meet someone like them for a date!

The Body Positive TikTokers

We have many paragons of body positivity to look at in the present day. Five of them do their job so well that we have to stop and recognize their contribution to making women feel comfortable in their bodies, even in the highly visible world of social media stardom. When you want women on your dashboard that will make you feel comfortable, you have to consider these ladies. 

 Body Positive TikTok

1. Carolina Gurdian

Carolina is most well-known for preparing her outfits before she starts working from home. She gained the most fame for her “Eenie Meenie” Justin Bieber video that garnered the most views. She has roughly 420,000 followers and is known for being body-positive. 

Carolina Gur

2. Kendra Austin

Kendra Austin is bold, black, and beautiful. This tattooed model has fought tooth and nail to get into the industry. Now, she documents all the troubles she’s been through and tries to inspire others. 

3. Bunny Bispo

Bunny Bispo is a TikTok rising star that shows off her body with all its “flaws.” She’s always empowering others!

4. Hailie Sage

Mother, model, and mental health advocate, Hailie Sage tries to do it all while looking fabulous. She loves to experiment with hair colors and outfits while never shying away from looking saucy. 

5. Megan Jayne

Blogger, model, and writer Megan Jayne has promoted various brands while also espousing the ideals of body positivity, something that has endeared her to tons of fans.

These women are some of the most famous TikTok stars out there today!

Where Can I Find These Girls?

Finding a date with a TikTok star with a message of body positivity might sound very hard, but we have some leads for you! 

Online Dating

Using an online dating service is a very popular way for people to meet their romantic partners. TikTok celebs that embrace body positivity and are a little larger can be found on sites catered to dating people of any size.  The Fatflirt service is designed to connecting curvy, voluptuous women of all sizes and ages with men (or women) that want to romance them. Using these sites will make it more likely for you to find a woman on TikTok or a woman who loves her body and isn’t afraid for the rest of the world to know it. Such a website will help you find someone your age who shares many common interests with you, so the matches will be deeper than surface level. 

Meet and Greets

Another potential way to meet someone for a date is to go to a TikTok event. You might be able to score a meet and greet with some of the bigger TikTok stars that do such events, and you might even hit it off with one of them. Megan Jayne is a book author as well as a TikTok model and advocate for people, so it would not be too difficult to get in the same room and introduce yourself to her. You would just need to follow a person’s profile and see where you can try to make an impression!

Being a Member of the TikTok Community

You could also take a different approach to find a romantic partner that loves body positivity by becoming a member of the TikTok community yourself. The TikTok app is a little different from other social media sites, so that means it’s going to take a little time to get used to. Still, you can leverage the time you spend on this site to slide into some DMs and ask people that are interesting to you out on a date. You never know what can happen if you are brave and stand up for the body positivity movement; you might have some fellow social media stars vying for your attention at the end of the day!

TikTok continues to be one of the largest and fastest-growing social media platforms in the modern-day. Since this platform is all about physical entertainment, it’s easier than ever to see people that are attractive to you and reach out to them about making a connection. Everyone has many avenues through which they can meet interesting TikTok stars for romance, so find the method that works best for you and see what happens in your relationship!

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