Friendship Day originated in America in 1935, on the first Sunday of August, the US government had killed a people and in the memory of a friend who committed suicide in the sadness of the same day, on the first Sunday of August in the US Government, Friendship Since the decision was made to commemorate Day, Kisna was celebrated as the Friendship Day in America, but on the first Sunday of August, all over the world.

Friendship Day is being celebrated on August 4, 2019, this year. Today is very happy for our friends, the first Sunday of August is celebrated as the ‘Every Year Friendship Day’. On this day, we give cards to our friends, then they serve the cards when they are away. Without friends, our life will be very lonely. Friendship is such a relationship, which is more than the absence of blood relationship. On this day, we give a lot of gifts to our friends as well as congratulate them on the friendship band Bandh Friendship Day.

Ganita Yadav

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